Anti-Slip Boots

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We all know that soon winter will be upon us; and with that brings the ice and snow of maritime winters. Navigating the treacherous winter conditions can be difficult. This winter not only can you find a great pair of boots (and look stylish at the same time) but also get a pair that have anti-slip technology.

Olang and Attiba boots have wonderful anti slip systems; never slip on ice or snow again! With one simple flip of the key that comes with the boots and a twist, you can go from ice trekker to an indoor boot so you don’t have to worry about scratching the floor. Worried about losing the key? Any key from the boots will work!

Stop by Kadam Shoes on the 2nd level to check out all the styles of anti-slip boots and get prepared for the winter season ahead!

Selection of anti-slip boots available at Kadam Shoes