Mommy & Me Fashion

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As a young girl shopping trips with my mom were one of my favorite things. Having 2 younger sisters, there were always lots of shopping trips and girl’s time spent at the mall. So now that I have a daughter of my own, I look forward to these same trips. Paddington Station (2nd level) is making these shopping trips fun and fashionable. They not only carry a wide selection of adorable kids clothing but are also carrying matching mother-daughter styles. These two of a kind ensembles are carried in every season and are so much fun to shop for (plus very comfortable too!). Here are a couple of the latest Mommy and Me outfits they are carrying.

Pyjamas – matching Christmas pyjamas are so much fun! Not only great for Christmas morning but also for lounging in and watching movies on snowy winter days.

Pyjamas – Paddington Station – Brand: Little Blue House

Dresses and Skirts – this adorable dress and skirt combo has the same pattern in each but present a different colour for a fun way to match while mixing colours.

Outfits – Paddington Station – Brand: Hatley

Many new Mommy and me styles will be arriving for spring so be sure to stop by Paddington Station in the coming weeks to see what they have in these two of a kind styles. Not only are these outfits fun, but they are a great way to celebrate your bond and show your sense of style while creating wonderful memories.